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#Lunch365 – In Which I Actively Share All My Food (and Recipes!)

7 Jan

It’s no surprise that I love food.  In the words of Shakira, this waistline don’t lie.  That’s how the song goes right?  RIGHT?! Humor me people.   I don’t fancy myself a food blogger, or am particularly obsessed with sharing everything I consume — usually by the time I remember that I should have posted something on Instagram, I’ve already eaten it, and what’s the point of posting a picture of a place that I’ve clearly licked to death like a starved dog?

But all that is about to change — not just for the sake of health — but I’m sure that will be a welcome side effect (although my insides are healthy as hale, I should mention) but mostly for how much my wallet will love me.  In just one week, I spent an average of $15 a day on both breakfast and lunch out — that’s $75 a week — and that’s when I’m trying not to spend a lot (I like expensive food apparently).  So, I’ve decided to start a New Years Resolution that I can actually keep, and it’ll be good use of everything in my freezer and pantry — to bring lunch to work every day for the rest of the year. Continue reading