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Tips for Online Dating: Window of Opportunity

12 Feb

A recent exchange on twitter has led me to a simple conclusion.  So many of us dating online, are failing time and time again to date offline.  And then we complain about why we’re still single.

I find that this is the key reason why so many of us are disillusioned the dating pool.  People like to say that meeting someone online is all about percentages and algorithms. WRONG. It’s all about TIMING. There is a very small window of opportunity once you open up conversation with a stranger.  That window, on average lasts somewhere between 3 to 7 days — a little longer if you’ve been proactive and gotten yourself on the schedule of a particularly busy person. Continue reading


Tips For Online Dating: Don’t Overshare

20 Jan

The best part about online dating (and real life dating as well) is the hilarity and reactions that ensue when you share a particularly juicy message with your friends.   Juicy doesn’t always have to mean swoon-worthy, I’ll have you know. In fact, very rarely will a online message that elicits an actual response be shared among friends.  Most ladies I know like to play it close to the chest when it comes to that.  We don’t like to overshare about important things.

Men, on the other hand are all about the overshare. Continue reading