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Our Inaugural Podcast!

28 Mar

Hello Dear Readers!

Candace and I have been away from the blog for far too long, tis true.  But we have a really good excuse – we’ve been working on a podcast for all of you!  This is truly a home-grown operation since Candace lives in NY and I’m in DC, but we shelled out some cash for some semi-professional mikes, and eventually we’ll learn how to record better. But we were too impatient to 100% work out all the kinks in the first round, but you know what? It’s about content! Also, my dog makes a few guest appearances. Continue reading


Daddy Issues? Brainy-Types and My Sex List Checklist

4 Apr

I never thought that I had a “type.”  When recounting my gentleman lovers, I never thought they shared any particular physical attributes, clothing and music choices, even interests. But I’ve been lying to myself all these years. With the exception of a few outliers, my type is decidedly anyone of perceived higher academic intellectual ability than myself. You know, Brainy-types.

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Internet I Need Your Advice: I Apparently Am Date-Tarded.

7 Feb

Since, I am absolutely terrible at meeting people (read: men) in person, like every single person I talk to, I in fact do have an OkCupid profile — I bet you could find me really easily, like if you really tried and/or wanted to.  But the reason I bring this up, is because, irregardless of what people tell you — meeting people online is even worse, and definitely more nerve-racking than meeting people offline.

Let me tell you why.

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Did Girls Always Look Older Than Dudes?

28 May

Here’s a question that I have for you … so the other night I was watching Glee (can I be Kurt and have a delicious jewish boyfriend like Blaine? Because I would love that), and I saw the commercial for the Justin Beiber perfume “Someday.”

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