High Brow vs. Low Brow: How Deepika Padukone’s Eyebrows Made Her a Star

30 Dec

Deepika Padukone is one of, if not THE most in demand Bollywood heroine of recent times. She debuted in 2007’s Om Shanti Om (one of my personal favorites!) opposite none other  than megastar Shah Rukh Khan. She had steady work in the years that followed but many – including Deepika – would agree that her breakthrough role came in 2012’s Cocktail. Playing the role of the beautiful and super effed up Veronica, she was edgy, sexy and really showed off her acting chops. Fast forward to 2014 and Deepika has taken over – she’s everywhere! A slew of endorsements, international appearances, the SLAM tour (which I totally regret not attending) and the box office breaking Happy New Year where she was paired with King Khan once again. So what is it about Deepika that makes her such a draw? She’s beautiful,talented, humble – all the makings of the perfect Bollywood superstar. But even with all that appeal, I would argue that what has made Deepika Padukone a true star are her eyebrows.


Get those awards, girl!

You read that right – her eyebrows. If you think that saying this makes me seem a bit eyebrow obsessed well, then you would be right. I constantly find myself staring at peoples’ eyebrows, trying to understand their shape and thickness – are they real? Penciled in? Waxed? Threaded? It is my mission in life to know! I research different methods of shaping – pencils, powders, pomade – I want to know it all! I think partially this is a way of dealing with my middle and high school horror of over plucking and all but obliterating my own to the point of patchiness – but back to Deepika. Like I said, this woman has more than her fair share of star worthy qualities and I do think that’s how she has captivated the movie going audience and kept their attention the way she has – but her eyebrows were the key that opened the door.

Let me take you back down memory lane to 2007 when miss Padukone made her B-town debut in the aforementioned masterpiece (according to me) Om Shanti Om.  She was 20 years old, maybe had a little growing to do in terms of her acting but nobody could deny that she was cute, fresh and absolutely beautiful. Those eyes, those dimples, that skin! She was stunning. Even so, there was something missing – looking at her now, her face is so cheerful, open, welcoming – it’s just downright pleasant! Don’t even get me started on the dimples, folks. She had all that then – the difference now, in addition to some good styling, is the shape of her eyebrows. Deepika’s natural eyebrows have sort of a Shah Rukh Khan vibe to them (which for the record, I love on him) – meaning they point sharply down, making her look… well… kind of unfriendly. I look at that face and I think –  Is she mad at me? What did I do?! Now, if Deepika lived in New York this would totally work for her! She could sit on the train and nobody would bother her, or at least, less people would. Having a somewhat angry face works in the real world, but not when you’re in the business of winning hearts, people! Jump ahead to 2012 (coincidentally the same year that Cocktail was released), mix in a little cosmetics (which, if anyone knows exactly what she uses I would love to know!) and Voilà – a new woman. Deepika’s new and improved eyebrows are now thicker, rounded and curved at the top as opposed to angled, making them appear softer, more youthful and her face gentler and more balanced. Though It sounds like a small change, her appearance has completely transformed from an untouchable head cheer leader hottie to stunning girl next door. And that, my friends, is exactly the kind of girl you want to watch on screen, the kind of girl who could continue to top the box office and win over millions of hearts – and that’s exactly what she’s done.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself! What a difference a brow makes!

deepika old brows

Exhibit A: old eyebrows


Exhibit B: New eyebrows

Even I can admit that it’s a little weird to even be writing about this but I’ve been fascinated by Deepika’s eyebrows since I saw this photo shoot from Filmfare – which took place when? January 2013. Which, for the record is basically 2012, which was the year she made her breakthrough performance. See where I’m going with this? In Deepika’s life, 2012 should be otherwise known as “the year of the brow.” And they. Look. perfect! I mean she’s pretty darn perfect but those eyebrows are the icing on the cake. These are the eyebrows we all want – thick, yet soft and totally unfazed by pencil thin eyebrow trends. It’s like the 90s never happened! At least not anywhere near her face. Not only do they look great but they are super on-trend. Thanks to ladies like Lily Collins, Cara Delevingne, and yes, our own Deepika Padukone, young girls today will never know the pain of having an eyebrow bald spot. Thick is in and Deepika is riding the this trend all the way to the bank (and looking great while doing it and riding in a better car than yours, to a better bank than yours and… you get the point).

I may be overstating the importance of the brow but don’t try and tell me I’m the first person to comment on this – I mean “Deepika Padukone Eyebrows” is a suggested search term on google. Apparently there was a bit of an internet uproar over the thickness of her eyebrows in Ram-Leela – personally I thought they looked great. Oh, and was I the only one who noticed how dark they looked in Chennai Express? I simply refuse to believe I am.
Of course, all of this brow chat is to say yes, she has star quality. Yes, she is beautiful. Yes, she has grown tremendously as an actress and yes – she is uber likable, but I remain firm in my belief that her eyebrows are what opened everyone’s eyes (no pun intended, ok maybe a little,) gave her a lovable look to match her personality and helped make her the star she is today.
Now watch these brows in action!
P.S. Here’s a look at the brows close up. My educated guess if the product must be a pomade of some sort. Thoughts?

4 Responses to “High Brow vs. Low Brow: How Deepika Padukone’s Eyebrows Made Her a Star”

  1. Valeria Josefina Villarroel December 31, 2014 at 7:53 pm #

    OMG — she is like A NEW FUCKING PERSON with the brow re-do!

    • Harshit Katiriya February 11, 2015 at 1:41 pm #

      she is amazing, go fuck yourself

      • killacan February 11, 2015 at 1:52 pm #

        I agree that she’s amazing – which I think was made clear in what I wrote. Cause you know, I stated all the great qualities she had several times. Unfortunately I think you missed be entire point of this post. And you’re mean so…. Bye!

      • killacan February 11, 2015 at 1:56 pm #

        Oh and also, before you go saying rude things to people online, make sure it’s not through a website that gives the poster your personal email address. You’re not as not as anonymous as you might hope.

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