MORE Evidence that Chris Hemsworth is the Ideal Mate for the Modern Cave Woman

21 Nov

His wife is pregnant with baby #2! Congratulations are in order for this insanely attractive couple and by “congratulations” I mean “be happy for them and simultaneously feel hideously jealous while hating your own life” – this may or may not involve more ice cream. And may I please remind you of  what I said about him being able to propagate the species? Oh that’s right, I said he could! And he is, as proof of his soon-t0-be second offspring. Not only is he putting more people on this planet, he’s putting people with God-like genetics on this planet.  Can’t say that’s a terrible legacy to leave behind.


Can I also just say, as a woman, I respect his wife because this lady is doing it RIGHT! If I were married to Chris Hemsworth I would be pregnant all the damn time. Good work, you two! Mazel!


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