I Still Live At Home Because Lipsticks

24 Oct

Unlike many of my other 20something counterparts who are busy conquering the world and/or making the hugest mistakes of their lives and/or eating ramen every day to pay their rent, I am doing none of those things. Rather, I am still living comfortably at home. Yup, it’s still me and my mom chumming it up, watching Dancing with the Stars and Chopped every night. It’s not too bad, really, but like any normal adult human being, I would like to move out. Of course, what I’ve come to realize is that in order to make my move into the realm of adulthood, there is one major thing I need to do: SAVE MONEY! I’ve actually gotten quite good at this in recent months but it’s been a struggle for me to fight against the constant urge to buy lipsticks. Yes, lipsticks. Those luscious tubes of creamy color have been the cause of my demise.

Now the weird thing about these lipsticks is that I don’t actually wear them that often, I just love the thrill of trying them on, deciding they look fabulous, shelling out the cash for them and then never wearing them again. I realize this a waste of both time and money -not to mention utterly insane – but there is just something about the thrill of buying a little tube of sass to keep you going on those long days. Haven’t you ever noticed that Sephora is always PACKED at 6 o’clock? I know that I am not the only woman who fancies a new cosmetic item after a long day of work. Apparently the sale of lipstick has risen considerably since the start of the recession. Why? Because being sad about having no money translates into using the little money you do have to feel pretty. Duh!


Could this be my future?!

I’ve realized that using money I should   be saving for the betterment of my future to buy lipsticks at 15+ dollars a pop is basically a one way road to a future as little Edie in Grey Gardens 2.0 – time to make a change. But like any addict, I can’t just quit cold turkey so I’m weaning myself off of my cosmetic dependency by finding low cost alternatives (and by abusing the CVS extra bucks system to get as many coupons as possible). Case in point, my new favorite thing in the world: Nyx Matte Lip cream. WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT THESE SOONER?! They’re perfect because they’re pretty, inexpensive and help tame my various cosmetic neuroses. Let me show you them!

nyx soft matte lip cream 2

So pretty!

Neurosis #1: wanting to wear matte lipstick but hating the matte feel – the eternal struggle for the irrational makeup enthusiast, but not anymore! I don’t know what kind of witch craft/Santeria/voodoo these people use but they have somehow been able to create a lip product that looks matte but stays soft on your lips and doesn’t make you feel as if you just ate a box of chalk.

Neurosis #2: Wanting to wear bright lipstick but not wanting to commit. Haven’t you ever tried something on at Sephora that is so wildly out of your everyday routine/cosmetic personality that you know you’ll never wear it but somehow, in the moment, convinced yourself that if you buy it, you’ll somehow figure out a way to incorporate it into your look? That’s happened to me on more than a few occasions and I almost always regret those purchases. Everyone has those “going out” colors which, for me, are a complete waste because I much prefer streaming Netflix by myself on a Saturday night than squeezing myself into spanx and going the club – but I digress. What my point is, these are so inexpensive that you don’t feel too guilty having one or two colors that you know you’ll only use once in a while.

This is the most romantic thing I have ever seen.

This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen.

Which brings me to Neurosis #3: buying an expensive product but never using it precisely because it’s so expensive. Now this one REALLY makes no sense. You’d think if you were going to shell out $20 for one item you’d want to use it as much as possible to get your money’s worth. Au contraire. My lipstick collection is more like a museum. I love to admire all of the lovely items I have collected but rarely touch them. I realize that this is totally cray cray but somehow, in my twisted brain it makes sense. In the brain of a rational person it means YOU WILL LIVE AT HOME FOREVER! Which again, brings me to the fabulosity of my new favorite cheap find. At $6 each I don’t feel guilty for using these lip creams, in fact it makes me want to use them even more. I’ll rub them all over my face for $6!


Homegirl stole my look.

Thanks to my new found love for the cheap, I feel confident that I can save money while attempting to look cute. This is all great because a) I will be able to move out (eventually) b) I will be able to find a husband (eventually) and c) I will break free from the money sucking neuroses that have had a hand in stopping me from doing both (see: a & b). Now if I could just stop myself from buying every mascara on the market we’d be golden! New Years resolution anyone?


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