“I’ve got this sentimental heart that beats…”

3 Oct

7 years ago today, the Killers released their sophomore album, Sam’s Town and my life was forever changed. I have a very distinct memory of leaving my morning classes and walking down to Newbury Comics in Boston the morning of October 3rd to buy a copy for myself. By this time, I rarely bought physical copies of music (I’m looking at you, Limewire) but even though I had only previously heard 30 second clips of the album’s tracks (courtesy of some random German music site,) I knew this was one I needed to physically own. I walked back home to my very small, very crooked apartment, popped the CD into my computer and 5 seconds in, I was hooked.

That year, Sam’s Town became my entire world. I lived every word, every beat, every note. I looked forward to every music video, interview, behind-the-scenes sneak peek – anything and everything I could tape (yes tape) on my TV/VCR – which, I might add, was very hard to find in 2006. I went to my first real concert! (one that didn’t involve smoke machines or synchronized dancing) and many more after that. During a year was that otherwise less than enjoyable, Sam’s Town brought me excitement, joy and a reason to look forward and not back.

7 years later, I think about that album and how it brought me new experiences, friends and to put it simply, made my life better. I am forever grateful for the strength and solace the songs on Sam’s Town gave me as an emotional 19 year old away from home for the first time.

Brandon Flowers once said “I really do hope that every one of you has your own Sam’s Town – a place that you can go to, whether it’s a physical home or a spiritual home or a place where things are better.” I have that. And it’s this.

No matter what you think of The Killers, that album or, quite frankly, of me, you cannot deny the power of music. I’d like to think that everyone has a Sam’s Town. What’s yours?


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