An Oscar Nominee is Sleeping on Me!

14 Feb

Ok that title is pretty misleading. But if you’ve been on tumblr over the past few weeks it’s been pretty hard to ignore all the images of Jean Dujardin sleeping on people. Upon first glance, it seems like an extraordinarily random phenomenon, even for the internet. Allow me to provide a little back story.

It all started at the Oscar Nominees luncheon. This event is still something of a mystery to me but I assume this is the time when all the nominees get together to talk about how awesome they are, presumably eat lunch and collectively worship Meryl Street. While taking the epic group photo, the charming Frenchman took a playfully rested his head on on fellow Best Actor Nominee, George Clooney’s shoulder and the rest is history.

The jet lag will get you every time

Now thanks to hipsters, photoshop and Tumblr, the French actor can be seen napping on everyone from Kanye West to Jesus Christ. As a lover of The Artist and Dujardin himself (he’s French, hello!) I was desperate for my own personal catnap picture. With little to no knowledge of Photoshop (we’re gonna lean dangerously close to “no knowledge”) I pleaded with my Facebook friends to help a sister out, as seen below.

Oh the power of social media! Within a few moments my friend whipped up my very own personal picture with JD (yes I’m calling him that.) Not only this, but it’s a Valentine’s Day theme. Could it get any better than this? Well sure it can, but I have low standards for what I want in life so I am over the moon!

Je t'aime, Jean!

Viola! C’est si bon! I am now part of the Jean Dujardin sleeping internet meme and I have never felt more proud – which only worries me slightly. Anyway, if you’re interested in this strange phenomenon check out for some real gems. Au revoir!


One Response to “An Oscar Nominee is Sleeping on Me!”

  1. Valeria February 14, 2012 at 4:00 am #

    I think your standards are just the right amount of high.

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