What Happened To Diego Luna’s Career?

8 Feb

A recent text exchange with Candace:

Diego Luna in Katy Perry Video

Only Candace would understand why my confusion would require a text message

It was right after I finished watching the following Katy Perry music video, because VH1 apparently is the only place that plays music videos in the morning on basic cable.

I don’t like Katy Perry. But dammit this song was stuck in my head until I got into my car and listened to better music. But really, that’s besides the point. The point is that Katy Perry looks really effing terrifying as an old lady.  Also, that Diego Luna has officially become like Ben Affleck when he was dating J-Lo.

Let me lay this down.  Diego and Gael, first made their way into the hearts of impressionable girls obsessed with sex and fascinated by boys kissing through the amazing film, Y Tu Mama Tambien.  Which gave girls, and gay boys obsessed with Latin Boys this wonderful scene (completely NSFW):

I think that the point of the movie wasn’t that two best friends end up sleeping with each other, but more of like, life lessons, and growing up, and it being bittersweet and all that jazz that makes up a good movie.  But really — the sex is what I remember most from it.  Also that after that movie Gael and Diego could conquer all!!  But then Diego made Dirty Dancing II: Havana Nights (which I not-so-secretly enjoyed), while Gael made The Science of Sleep and The Crime of Father Amaro (another Mexican film with forbidden sex between two super hot people).

So Gael came out on top?

::Sigh:: Gael, if you’re reading this (because you have a google alert set up for your name obvis), get your boy Diego some help! Y’all could be like the Mexican Ben and Matt!  Produce some awesome films together!


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