Did Girls Always Look Older Than Dudes?

28 May

Here’s a question that I have for you … so the other night I was watching Glee (can I be Kurt and have a delicious jewish boyfriend like Blaine? Because I would love that), and I saw the commercial for the Justin Beiber perfume “Someday.”

There are several things wrong with this perfume ad — the first and most important one being that it is clearly promoting having sex with a minor.  I mean, that model can’t be younger than 20 — I mean look at her! She’s got boobs and perfect hair.  I’ve seen 13 year old girls walk down the street, and let me tell you, none of them have hair or boobs that great (but they do sometimes have braces and really itty bitty skinny little skeletor bodies — damn them!).  But, maybe it’s cool to make out with way older ladies now? I mean, our former lover — Nick Jonas is hitting it up with a woman who has been able to drink legally for many years now.  Is the lesson to be learned that our only hope for True Love is with a person who is at least 10 years younger than us, and pretends to still be a virgin?

Side Note: Never. Forget. The Song That Brought Us So Much Joy.

Also, is Justin Beiber on his way to becoming a Hanson brother?


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