Tasting Bollywood: Films that Inspired What I Ate In India

30 Jan

Do you ever find yourself wanting to be like a character you’ve seen in a film? Of course you do! You know you want to shake it like Pinky. But do you ever find yourself wanting to eat like them? I sure do!

I love food. I also love films. What do you get when you combine the two? My constant desire to eat the foods I’ve seen on screen. You must know the feeling – if you’ve seen the movie Chef, specifically the grilled cheese scene in the movie Chef, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about! I tend to make mental notes of the treats featured in films only to later enjoy the real deal. I’m not kidding; immediately after watching The Avengers I ran around the city looking for shwarma. When it comes to Bollywood, my film-food obsession is just as strong. This summer, as I took my first trip to India to attend a friend’s wedding I received  (and googled) a lot of advice on what I should see, do and most importantly, eat. While I got some great insider tips, my gastronomic experience was most heavily influenced by my incessant movie watching and the delicious foods of Bollywood. Below is a list of the films (and their foods) that shaped my culinary journey.

#1. The Inspiration: Band Baajaa Baaraat. The Food: Bread Pakora

Being a huge Ranveer Singh fan I have seen his debut film quite a few times. Maybe I watched it when I was particular hungry but the scene in which Bittoo and Shruti discuss her business venture over bread pakoras was stuck in my head after first viewing. To be honest with you, I didn’t even know what a bread pakora was but I knew it involved two things that I loved: bread and fried things! I don’t eat too may treats like this anymore but like we all know, it’s all about balance! So a bread pakora here and there is ok. Lucky for me, these items were on the menu at my friend Shivani’s sangeet. I had one – or two – and now I can’t watch this scene without feeling major hunger pangs. See for yourself:

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High Brow vs. Low Brow: How Deepika Padukone’s Eyebrows Made Her a Star

30 Dec

Deepika Padukone is one of, if not THE most in demand Bollywood heroine of recent times. She debuted in 2007’s Om Shanti Om (one of my personal favorites!) opposite none other  than megastar Shah Rukh Khan. She had steady work in the years that followed but many – including Deepika – would agree that her breakthrough role came in 2012’s Cocktail. Playing the role of the beautiful and super effed up Veronica, she was edgy, sexy and really showed off her acting chops. Fast forward to 2014 and Deepika has taken over – she’s everywhere! A slew of endorsements, international appearances, the SLAM tour (which I totally regret not attending) and the box office breaking Happy New Year where she was paired with King Khan once again. So what is it about Deepika that makes her such a draw? She’s beautiful,talented, humble – all the makings of the perfect Bollywood superstar. But even with all that appeal, I would argue that what has made Deepika Padukone a true star are her eyebrows.


Get those awards, girl!

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Need A Little Nudge to Spice Up Your Dating Life? Check Out Love At First Site Tonight!

28 Apr https://flic.kr/p/KiWNC

Candace and I are always sharing with y’all our annoyances with the dating pool, and although many of our blog readers commiserate with our experiences, it’s safe to say that Candace and I are the worst people to give you dating advice.  We’re no experts! We literally have NO proven results from people following our advice. What we do have thankfully, is a good sense of humor about the whole thing.  So, that’s why I’ve turned to Erika Ettin of A Little Nudge for some online dating feedback.

Unlike us, Erika has proven results from people taking her online dating advice. She works with her clients to vamp up their online profiles to get the best results, and she was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us while she prepares for Love at First Site, on Monday, April 28, at Sixth & I Synagogue where she’ll go even more in depth. The best part?  If you like what Erika is saying here … you can win a pair of tickets to see her speak tonight! Details after Erika’s Q&A!

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NBF Podcast: The Chosen People & Terrible Movies We Love

18 Apr

Hello Dear Readers (and listeners)!

I’m sure y’all have been missing hearing the dulcet vibratos of our voices, but fear not. For we are back with new Podcast episodes.  We missed a few weeks due to technical difficulties and also life happens. But we’re back on track going forward.

In our 2nd Episode we break down the love affair of Mindy Lahiri & Danny Castellano, which is not to be undone by all the depressing date stuff that happens to Candace and myself.  But we bounce back quickly  and talk about terrible movies we can’t help but love (surprisingly a lot of Leonardo DiCaprio in this one), and switch gears and get a little serious on your when it comes to our discussion of the double standards in sexual abuse victims. Continue reading

Our Inaugural Podcast!

28 Mar

Hello Dear Readers!

Candace and I have been away from the blog for far too long, tis true.  But we have a really good excuse – we’ve been working on a podcast for all of you!  This is truly a home-grown operation since Candace lives in NY and I’m in DC, but we shelled out some cash for some semi-professional mikes, and eventually we’ll learn how to record better. But we were too impatient to 100% work out all the kinks in the first round, but you know what? It’s about content! Also, my dog makes a few guest appearances. Continue reading

It Happened to Me: I’m Fat, Love to Dance and it Blows Peoples’ Minds!

19 Feb

I love to dance. I also love to eat. What happens when you combine these two things? A fat dancing queen. Which is exactly what I am. I love to bust a move when given the chance whether it means I’m doing a not-so-subtle two step down the cereal isle at the grocery store or workin’ it like it’s my job at Zumba. Some of the best times I can remember have involved me listening to the jams of my choice and breaking it down with friends (including ones I arrived at the scene with or new ones I made on the dance floor). So why am I telling you this? Well, for starters I was moved by some reaction pieces to an article recently posted on XOJane entitled ‘It Happened to Me: There Are No Black People In My Yoga Classes and I’m Suddenly Feeling Uncomfortable With It” In the article, the writer (a thin, white woman) explains her reaction to, for the first time, having a curvacious black woman in her class. I don’t go into details about what she says because, quite honestly, it gives me a headache. What I do want to go into, however, is a reaction piece I read. In “I’m a Big Black Girl Around Small White People and I’m Suddenly Feeling Uncomfortable With It: My Response to xoJane,” writer CeCe Olisa discuses her experience in a mostly white yoga class. What jumped out at me in the article was the expectation that, because she was larger, she wouldn’t be able to do the poses and that when she did she was greeted with praise because she defied the expectation. Being a larger lady myself, I can relate to CeCe’s experience quite a bit.

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Tips for Online Dating: Window of Opportunity

12 Feb

A recent exchange on twitter has led me to a simple conclusion.  So many of us dating online, are failing time and time again to date offline.  And then we complain about why we’re still single.

I find that this is the key reason why so many of us are disillusioned the dating pool.  People like to say that meeting someone online is all about percentages and algorithms. WRONG. It’s all about TIMING. There is a very small window of opportunity once you open up conversation with a stranger.  That window, on average lasts somewhere between 3 to 7 days — a little longer if you’ve been proactive and gotten yourself on the schedule of a particularly busy person. Continue reading